The Revel Room

Apparently, the Silver Fox Den is off-limits..

I admit, I picked The Revel Room first because I thought it was a safe bet for our first outing. I had been before a few weeks ago with a friend that swore by 1) their old fashioneds and 2) the place was never packed after work. Two things that I can appreciate.

Because the bar doesn’t have a definitive old fashioned recipe Jim Beam from the well was chosen as the bourbon whiskey of choice. Not surprising from a no frills bar like The Revel Room.

Mason took his second helping with rye whiskey which I quite enjoyed and preferred (no price difference)

I give this bar high marks because it fits my type of vibe. Rounded leather booths line one wall opposite the bar with a back room (aka Silver Fox Den) set up with a small DJ set and additional lounge seating.

TIL: Mason is an asshole about his cherries. He makes “the best” gumbo and is 10 years my junior.

Atmosphere: 4/5

Drink: 2.5/5

Honestly, I didn’t think this blog/hobby – blobby if you will – would actually happen. All too often, ideas are never turned into reality. So, when KB suggested the Revel Room, I was excited; we were starting our new hobby!

The Revel Room is located in Wicker Park, an area I have spent a decent amount of time in – well really the bars located there. The Revel Room had a great atmosphere! Dimly lit, booth-lined walls, and the Silver Fox Den – I don’t recommended venturing into the din, it’s by strict invitation only.

I was pleased with The Revel Room as our first bar. Unlike many of the locations on our list, there wasn’t a signature Old Fashioned here; so, our first drink was made with cheap, well liquor. Now, personally, I’m a fan of rye whiskey in my old fashioneds; so, naturally, I ordered my second with rye. Given the low bar set by the cheap well, this was definitely a step up, but not quite to my standards.

Overall, I would suggest The Revel Room for a low key night of drinking at a low key atmosphere, but not Old Fashioneds.

Atmosphere: 4/5

Old Fashioned: 3/5

TIL: KB enjoys fine dining on the reg, but never tried a rye old fashioned before.

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