Longman & Eagle 

For my first outing in Logan Square, literally my first ever, Longman & Eagle gave me a beautiful look into the area’s scene.  When walking into the whiskey bar and eatery, the first thoughts going through my head were about the rustic and relaxed atmosphere, plus there was the amazing whiskey and food smells.  Absolutely a sense pleaser.  I remember telling KB, “I want to roll around in whatever that smell it.”  What am I a dog?

It was exactly my type of dive, except it has a Michelin Star – so would it be considered a dive?  It’s absolutely low key, even the exterior is nonchalant.

The drink is where this place lost me..  The bartender mixes our two old fashioneds and delivers them to us by way of upward open palm. My initial reaction upon seeing these once delicious, satisfying, and timeless beverage was, “NO F****** CHERRY!”  There wasn’t even an orange peel.  That was because the drinks were made with orange peel zest, apparently the way old fashioneds were originally made.

Either way, I wasn’t impressed.  The drink was too fruity for me – I like my old fashioneds with a bite. Luckily, for Longman & Eagle and myself, the gentleman sitting to my right, Isreal, was a Bullet Whiskey social media manager.  We got to talking, and he offered to buy our next round if we took it with Bullet rye.  The Bullet rye saved the taste of this drink, but not the display.  Cheers to you, Isreal and Bullet!  KB and I appreciated the round!

Atmosphere: 4/5

Drink: 1.5/5

TIL:  KB has come to the bright side, and she could pound those fruity old fashioneds all night.


Don’t get it twisted — I could drink Longman & Eagle’s Old Fashioned all night. In fact, I believe I announced that fact a few times that night. Made with of my my go-to whiskey’s, Buffalo Trace. Longman’s Old Fashioned is a no frills drink (sans cherries to Masons dismay) which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the bar’s motto that simply reads- “Eat, Sleep, Whiskey” etched delicately  on the front window.
Per tradition and befriending the local Bulleit rep sitting next to us we opted for a complementary Old Fashioned Bulleit Rye to cap out the night. Thanks again, Israel!
Gauging from our Prime & Provisions review, you can tell we like ’em strong. But, while I do enjoy switching to wine for dinner, Longman & Eagle’s Old Fashioned will allow you to stick to your dear old friend all night long.
Atmosphere: 5/5
Drinks:  3/5
TIL: Mason is finally going to invite me over to eat some of his gumbo

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